Rauhala's lunch is served Mon-Fri 11:00-13:00

Mon 28.9.
Salmon with ginger&lime and pumpkin-chili salsa (Norway) MF, GF
Karelian hot pot (Finland) MF, GF
-mashed potatoes
Carrots with honey MF,GF
Lingonberry curd LF,GF

Tue 29.9.
Parmesan-bacon chicken (Finland) LF, GF
-fried rice Veg, GF
Braised bean-eggplant stew Veg, GF
-hummus Veg, GF
Ice creama and caramel sauce LF (also available Veg)

Wed 30.9.
Fried vendaces (Finland) LF
-mashed potatoes with spinach LF, GF
Rauhala's hash (Finland) MF, GF
-fried eggs MF, GF
Apple pie LF

Thu 1.10.
Double cheese lasagna LF
Vegan lasagna Veg
Chickpea-zucchini casserole Veg, GF
Fruits and whipped vanilla cream LF (also available Veg)

Fri 2.10.
Taco-spiced minced meat (Finland) MF, GF
Pulled pork quesadillas LF
Falafels Veg, GF
Creme fraiche LF
Nahcos and salsa MF, GF
Sweet potato wedges Veg, GF
Selection of salads, vegetables
Cookie selection LF


PRICE 11,90€

Lunch price includes salads, breads and spreads, warm food, dessert and coffee.

Our neighbour Tuba Food & Lounge serves lunch Tue-Fri 10:30 - 14:00!