Rauhala's buffet lunch is served Mon-Fri from 10:30 until 13:30

Mon 11.11.
Chicken curry soup (Finland) M, G
Flounder in sour cream sauce (The Netherlands) L
Elk and smashed potatoes casserole (Finland) L, G
Oven cooked apples and vanilla whipped cream L, G

Tue 12.11.
Elk soup (Finland) M, G
Broiled rainbow trout casserole (Norway) L
Jamaican pork (Finland) M
Eggplant in Italian way Veg, G
Crepes and jam L

Wed 13.11.
Creamy whitefish soup (Finland) L, G
Burger Buffet!
- beef patties (Finland) M, G
- pulled pork (Finland) M, G
- lentil patties Veg, G
- selection of cheese L
- selection of mayos
Sweet potato and chickpea curry Veg, G
Apple and banana smoothie Veg, G

Thu 14.11.
Frankfurter soup (Finland) M, G
Lemony salmon (Norway) M, G
- herb creme fraiche L
Chorizo hash and fried eggs M, G
Thyme flavoured root vegetables and lentil Veg, G
Banana cake and chocolate sauce L

Fri 15.11.
Artichoke soup Veg, G
Over cooked lamb (Finland) M, G
Fried pork steaks with mushroom sauce L, G
Kidney bean ratatouille Veg, G
Strawberry custard Veg, G


Light lunch 9€
includes salad and sauce, salad from the buffet, soup of the day, bread and table spread,
dessert and organic & fair trade coffee /tea
Buffet lunch 10,50€
includes salad and sauce, soup of the day, salad and lunch from the buffet
bread and table spread, dessert and organic & fair trade coffee /tea
Kids (under 12 years) Lunch 1€/year of age
(max 6€/kid)
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