The Christmas buffet 2018. Buffet is availabe between 7.-22.12.2018 from 11am till 8pm. 

We recommend a making a reservation

0400 532 285

Silky butternut squash soup & chive -creme fraiche 
Herring tartar & house made hard bread M, G 
Rauhala’s gravlax & lemon salt M, G 
Crispy anchovies & smoked garlic mayo M 
Chicken liver pate & cranberry jam M, G 
Roasted beets & sage-mascarpone G 
Grilled apricots & goats chees crème VL, G  
Italian salad á la Rauhala L, G 
Waldorf salad & roasted pecans L, G 
Pomegranate-bulgur salad M 
Traditional mushroom salad L, G 
Rosolli salad and beet cream L, G 
Green shoot-tomato salad and herb dressing M, G 
Selection of Christmas breads and spreads
Main course
Rauhala’s traditional Christmas ham M, G 
– Madeira sauce M, G 
– Rutabaga casserole L, G 
– Carrot casserole L, G 
– Roasted potatoes M, G 
– Jallu mustard L, G  
As a vegetarian option
Zucchini-halloumi patties, quinoa-bean bake & tomato salsa L, G  
For dessert
Lemon grass spiced strawberry pudding M, G 
& vanilla creme L, G 
Macarons G 
Cheese & jam VL/L, G 
New York Cheesecake L (gluten free also available) 
Christmas tarts, ginger bread, cinnamon cookies L (gluten free also available) 
Coffee & tee
39€ / person
(+ rent for space if needed)
Children under 12 1,5€ / years of age