Party buffets

Tapas buffet à la Rauhala

Tomato and herb soup with garlic croutons
Salmon ceviche & arugula
Serrano ham and selections of melons
Lamb meatballs and tzatziki
Roasted zucchini and eggplant with bell pepper sauce
Spanish potato tortilla
Dolmades with lemon
Marinated olives
Green sprout salad and herb vinaigrette
Organic bread with spread cheese
Royal chocolate pastry
Coffee & tea

32€ / person

Minimum order 30 guests

1920’s Buffet

Hors d'œuvre 1,50€/pcs

- fish
- meat
- vegetable

Cobb salad
Waldorf salad
Vegetable salad
Roasted corn chicken breast & lemon and white wine sauce
Rice pilaf
Vanilla Mille Feuilles
Coffee & tea

Ask for decorations in 1920’s style!

38€ / person

Minimum order 30 guests

Special diets are taken into account according to notifications made in advance. All dishes are lactose-free if not mentioned otherwise.