Seasonal dinner buffet

Our seasonal dinner buffet menus changes according to the season and are suitable to a formal or even a casual occasion! The menus have been designed to seasonal ingredients and are always prepared by hand from the start. We take special diets into account according to prior notice.

The dinner buffet for Fall 2019 (September-, October and November)

For starters
Smoked reindeer leek-potato soup L, G
Pepper gravad salmon and sweet mustard dressing M, G
Rauhala’s house made roasted beef and horse radish dressing M, G
Tomato-mozzarella salad VL, G
Chef’s mushroom salad M, G
Mint marinated fall vegetables M, G
Green shoot-cucumber salad and herb oil M, G
For main course
Salmon and flounder in chanterelle sauce L, G
Caramelized pork belly and dark rosemary sauce M, G
– roasted potatoes and root vegetables
 For dessert
Cheese cake and berry sauce L
Coffee and tee
37€ / person
(+ rent for space if needed)
Children under 12 1,5€ / years of age

The Christmas buffet 2019 (9.-21.12.)

For starters 
Silky butternut squash soup & chive -creme fraiche L, G
Cranberry-gin baltic herring and seed crackers M, G
Rauhala’s lax M, G & mustard dressing M, G
Crispy anchovies & smoked garlic mayo M
Rauhala’s rose pepper-roast beef & Koskenkorva-black currant dressing
M, G
Roasted beets & sage-mascarpone G
Italian salad á la Rauhala L, G
Waldorf’s salad & roasted pecans L, G
Kale-pomegranate salad Veg, G
Traditional mushroom salad L, G
Beet-carrot salad and beet cream L, G
Green shoot-tomato salad and herb dressing M, G
Christmas breads and spreads
For main course
Rauhala’s traditional Christmas ham M, G
– Madeira sauce M, G
– Rutabaga casserole L, G
– Carrot casserole L, G
– Roasted potatoes M, G
– Cognac mustard L, G
For vegetarian main course
Orange glazed broad bean tempeh & cranberry dressing Veg, G
For dessert
Selection of Rauhala’s pâtissier’s Christmas pastries
Rhum-banana cake L
Traditional Christmas pudding Veg, G & whipped cream L, G
Christmas tarts, gingerbread cookies, cinnamon aces L (gluten free options also availabe)
39€ / person
(+ rent for space if needed)
Children under 12 1,5€ / years of age