Seasonal dinner buffet

Our seasonal dinner buffet menus changes according to the season and are suitable to a formal or even a casual occasion! The menus have been designed to seasonal ingredients and are always prepared by hand from the start. We take special diets into account according to prior notice.

Dinner buffet, Winter 2020 (January, February and March)


Truffle flavoured black salsify soup & parsley oil L, G

Beetroot gravlax and fennel-orange sauce L, G
Reindeer patee & buckthorn sauce M, G
Parsnip & roasted cashews Veg, G
Pear and blue cheese salad L, G
Fresh chervil cucumbers & chili sour cream L, G
Green sprout salad & herb vinaigrette Veg, G
Selection of breads & table spreads


Pike terrine with vermouth soubise sauce L, G
Overcooked ox & gremolata M, G
– roasted root vegetables and potatoes Veg, G


Coffee flavoured dark chocolate mousse cake
Coffee and tea

42 € / person, children 1,50 € / year (under 12 years)
(+ rent for space if needed)

42 €

Seasonal dinner buffet Spring (April, May)

Leek and potato soup & goat cheese crème LL, G

Whitefish mousse & cucumber on a sweet rye bread L
Pastrami & horse radish coleslaw M, G
Feta and melon salad LL, G
Salad out of roasted bell peppers, fennel and cauliflower M, G
Green sprout salad & blood orange vinaigrette M, G
Selection of bread and table spreads


Roasted salmon & spring onion and olive salsa M, G
Overcooked Muranen’s lambkin casserole & rosemary sauce M, G
– roasted herb potatoes Veg, G
– lemony tomato and zucchini casserole


Orange cheesecake & caramelized oranges
Coffee and brewed tea

42€ / person
Children 1-11 years: 2€ / year

Seasonal dinner buffet Summer (June, July, August)

Gin flavoured herring & dill early potatoes M, G
Salmon pastrami “togarashi” M, G
Nutty kale and chicken salad M, G
Blood orange and goat cheese salad L, G
Butternut squash and pomegranate salad Veg, G
Chili flavoured tomato and spring onion salad M, G
Fresh spring greens salad & roasted seeds M, G
Green sprout and cucumber salad & buckthorn vinaigrette Veg, G
Selection of breads and table spreads


Pike loaf & white wine sauce L, G
Porchetta & gremolata M, G
– salted potatoes & mojo rojo sauce Veg, G
– roasted root vegetables Veg, G


Strawberry cake
Coffee & tea

42€ / person
Children 1-11 years: 2€ / year