Rauhala’s May 1st celebration lunch

We are celebrating the May 1st “Vappupäivä”  at Rauhala on Wednesday the 1st of May 2019. We are serving a buffet full of house made delicacies and you are warmly welcome with a smaller or a bigger group. 
Settings at 12 and at 15. Please reserve a table beforehand!
For starters
Eggs, pickled baltic herring and crispy seed bread M, G
Currant gravad lax and mustard sour cream M, G
Vinegar vendace M, G
Ginger pork charcuterie M, G
Smoked reindeer-potato salad, M, G
Tomato-halloumi salad L, G
Pumpkin-sesame salad Veg G
Cauliflower in mint marinade Veg G
Melon-garlic salad Veg G
Princess salad and basil vinaigrette Veg, G
Selection of breads and spreads 
For main course
Salmon in anchovies cream sauce L, G
Beef neck in sweet apricot sauce M, G
Roasted potatoes and sweet potato Veg, G
Veggie-paneer cheese casserole Veg, G
For kids
Hot dog sausages, meat balls and potato mash
Tomato, cucumber and pickled cucumbers 
For dessert
Florian’s May first cake L
cherry-strawberry pudding Veg, G
Mead and fresh doughnuts L
38€ / guest
Children under 12 1,5€ / years of age


0400 532 285

Ravintola Rauhala
Mannenkatu 4, 90130 Oulu