SKÅL! you are warmly welcome to celebrate and enjoy crayfish prepare in traditional way and raise you glass to their honor!

For starters

Crayfish (we recommend 10-15 per/guest) are served traditionally with dill, toast and with butter

If needed, chef will guide guests with eating crayfish
* * *
Main course from buffet

Rauhala’s home made smoked salmon and mushed mushrooms

Gilled beef and seasoned butter
- new potatoes and vegetables of the season steamed
* * *

Fresh seasonal berries, mascarpone foam and meringue crumble
Coffee and tee

Price 35€ + price of crayfish as agreed
Pice of crayfish from 2€/pcs (foreign frozen crayfish)
Finnish broad-fingered crayfish and signal crayfish for price of the day