Raclette is a common way to enjoy dinner in Switzerland and France. It originates from Swiss peasants and herdsmen, who had a way of melting cheese in an open fire and scrape it on top of potatoes and bread. Now you can enjoy this cheesy dish at a dinner in Rauhala with electric “raclette pans”.

Raclette cheese
Cold smoked salmon
Air cured ham
Roasted potatoes and house butter
Pickled silver skin onions and cocktail cucumbers
Marinated beans
Marinated paprika and cherry tomatoes
Garlic sauce
Homemade sourdough bread

Price 27 €/ guest

As an extra a small bowl of
Marinated beef sirloin strips 5 €
Marinated lamb sirloin strips 5 €

One small bowl is enough for 1-2 guests

Marinated lamb and beef are ready for guests to fry with the raclette pans.

Minimum 10 guests