The wedding parties of Rauhala

We've held wedding parties here at Rauhala ever since 2002!

Weddings have been celebrated in the whole house which has seats for 140 people
as well as in our Sara hall that is full of beauty and light and in our Lööki cabinet.
Get to know our spaces available from here, or come and visit us on location and we'll gladly show you around!

Your occasion is really important to us. Let us know what you're wishing for and we'll plan a memorable and unique occasion for you!

We've collected some frequently asked questions regarding the wedding parties to help you plan the occasion.
If however there is still something that's on your mind, please contact us by phone or by email and we'll gladly help.

So that we could make a offer for you, we ask that you answer these few questions:

-What is the specific date and times?
-How many people will be attending, an estimate is fine at this point?
-What foods that are served are added to the sum of the bill?
-What drinks that are served are added to the sum of the bill?
-What is the amount of space that you'll need for the program / dance?
-Do you need some technical equipment such as a microphone?